Welcome to Sheltering Tree Church

My wife and I wish to welcome you to Sheltering Tree Church. We are a family oriented and community minded congregation dedicated to the work of God. I believe visiting, not only this site, but one of the services you will be blessed, encouraged, and empowered to receive meaningful changes in your life.

Fourteen years ago, my wife and I dedicated ourselves to the work of Jesus Christ. Our only mission in life is to get you to see the same thing we see on a daily basis: Jesus lives and He is rescuing people from all forms of destructive circumstances. Our world has never been safe, but we have one Shelter that has never failed to keep the faithful from defeat; promising victory to those who endure to the end.

We hope you will join us soon. We have services every Sunday at 11am. We welcome the children Sunday morning from 10 to 11am for the Sunday Explorers program.  We thank you and pray blessings in your life.

Pastor Greg and Brenda Garrett

Church Address

Sheltering Tree Church
5025 N Market St
Spokane, WA 99217

In Hillyard!


Sunday Service
Sunday Explorers  10:00am

Worship service  11:00am

Sheltering Tree UnYouth Group   7:00pm

Thursday Fellowship
7:00 pm

Prayer Service  7:00pm

Contact: 509-481-0743